I always like to turn a negative situation to something positive if at all possible and I recently did it again! About one month ago, I found those tiny beetles in my kitchen that turn up in grains such as rice, oatmeal and even my dry cat food! Fortunately, my building has an exterminator free of charge that comes to my apartment once a week! I finally figured out it was probably the Chia Seeds that spilled several weeks ago in my refrigerator. I don’t know how they spread but they did! The Super was great and blocked up holes under the sink and around my counter tops and put foam underneath the sink where the pipes are located. All this was a tremendous help! The beetles are just about disappeared and tomorrow I’m going to have the handyman move the refrigerator and the stove just to double check nothing is there! I can then continue putting back everything in the cabinets!

I had to empty all my kitchen cabinets so they could spray and put down “glue boards” as they are named! This was a huge task however, besides throwing out the infected food, I also threw out expired food and other things in the kitchen cabinets and drawers that I didn’t need or use!

I then became inspired and did the same in my bathroom, threw out all the expired medications and make-up that I’m still working on!

In addition, I’m also going through the main room in my apartment since I only have a studio and getting rid of pieces of furniture I don’t need and condensing my belongings! I’m still working on that too!

I’m feeling pretty accomplished now!

I’m curious what not so pleasant event in your life did you turn around and make it into a silver lining?

Most of my life I turn lemons into lemonade and in the summer, I make margaritas out of limes! Only kidding! I found that phrase on a stamp.