Each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be!



“EACH OF US IS GREATER AND WISER THAN WE APPEAR TO BE.”  Look past your reflection in the mirror and see the truth, I am always, and in all ways, greater than I think I am. Bruce D. Schneider (Founder of the IPEC Coaching Program)


This brought up a memory for me from the 1990’s at a former employment of mine. I had a boss that was very authoritarian and she once said to me, “You know more than you think you know!”  Yes, I do and I do belief that very much now! Yes, I realize that the word “authoritarian” is a judgment however, I just wanted to point that out, even so she could say something nice about me! J


I have been struggling with eating healthier my entire life as my Mom was a gourmet delicious cook and baker! I love to eat! This past week I came down with the flu despite receiving a flu shot in the Fall. I lost 3 pounds in a week! This is not a great way to lose weight however, I want to keep it off! I have many fulfilling activities and people in my life right now so I don’t need to fill myself up with food! I have my women’s group (7 women now), several new good friends and working realistically on finding a mutually satisfying romantic relationship. I have also enrolled in a painting class called “Awakening the Creative” at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY the first week in June.  I look forward to this class very much and will have loads of fun, one of my new priorities in life!


The summer is coming up and I will look better in my clothes. I even bought some new ones for the new season and it feels good that they fit well! I feel determined that I will keep the weight off as when I obtain my energy back, I will continue exercising and dancing!


I love to cook and have a few healthy cookbooks to make new and enticing meals for myself. I look at myself in the mirror now, even after being sick and feeling weak, I want to stay looking a gorgeous, attractive woman!   If I can’t say this, no one else will!  To encourage myself, I will look in the mirror every morning and say to myself, “Yes, Lisa, you can do this as I am capable and greater than I think I am and know more than I think I know” in the same vein and a similar note as my former boss lady!