I always like to turn a negative situation to something positive if at all possible and I recently did it again! About one month ago, I found those tiny beetles in my kitchen that turn up in grains such as rice, oatmeal and even my dry cat food! Fortunately, my building has an exterminator free of charge that comes to my apartment once a week! I finally figured out it was probably the Chia Seeds that spilled several weeks ago in my refrigerator. I don’t know how they spread but they did! The Super was great and blocked up holes under the sink and around my counter tops and put foam underneath the sink where the pipes are located. All this was a tremendous help! The beetles are just about disappeared and tomorrow I’m going to have the handyman move the refrigerator and the stove just to double check nothing is there! I can then continue putting back everything in the cabinets!

I had to empty all my kitchen cabinets so they could spray and put down “glue boards” as they are named! This was a huge task however, besides throwing out the infected food, I also threw out expired food and other things in the kitchen cabinets and drawers that I didn’t need or use!

I then became inspired and did the same in my bathroom, threw out all the expired medications and make-up that I’m still working on!

In addition, I’m also going through the main room in my apartment since I only have a studio and getting rid of pieces of furniture I don’t need and condensing my belongings! I’m still working on that too!

I’m feeling pretty accomplished now!

I’m curious what not so pleasant event in your life did you turn around and make it into a silver lining?

Most of my life I turn lemons into lemonade and in the summer, I make margaritas out of limes! Only kidding! I found that phrase on a stamp.

We Are Not the Spoke, We Are the Wheel

We Are Not the Spoke, We Are the Wheel

Another one of my favorite Foundation Principles from IPEC, my coaching program.

I’m going to make this one brief as the quote says it all!

Since it seems that our country is very divided right now, this quote is very appropriate!

“We are not the spoke, nor a group of many spokes, we are the Wheel.

The illusion of separation is what keeps humankind unhappy. Once we break through and recognize our connection to everything and everyone, we are no longer in competition, no longer feel conflict and no longer feel alone. The connection to others is deeper than we can imagine. Regardless of what our physical senses tell us, we are all One.



Bruce Schneider, the founder of my coaching program, IPEC, states, “The purpose of a relationship is to remember more of who we are in “relation” to one another.” We attract people into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, but always for a learning and growing learning experience.  I knew this before and I agree 100%!

How many of you understand this principle of learning and growing? When I have an experience with a person, male or female, I know that I will definitely learn something from them!

I’ll tell you a brief story of a man I dated twice recently! I met him at a live event. We were both the same faith, not religious and had similar political values which are important to me. However, after two dates, he wanted to see much more of me and said that 1-2 times a week wasn’t enough for a serious relationship! I have my coaching business, my male and female friends, my dancing, my art and I love to travel plus several other interests. He then asked me if I would have time for him! I quickly realized that he was co-dependent and didn’t have his own life! He has an 18- year old son who is going off to college in the Fall.

This fortunately, brief experience helped me realize that since both my parents were deceased in 2011 and 2015, I have created a lovely life for myself with several new female friends and working on my health and my apartment! I am having some new bookshelves delivered today and my Murphy Bed made electronic so I don’t need to do it manually!


I have put in a lot of effort to be happy by myself and fulfilled!   J I just want a man to be part of my life, to add to my fulfillment and joy!


I have booked a cruise to the Caribbean in December that leaves from Ft. Lauderdale so I have something to look forward to once the summer ends!


As you may know, I have created a Facebook group to talk about our hopes, dreams, fears and blocks about meeting a man. Please feel free to join and support one another if you are interested in meeting someone to add to your life.   Link is below: 



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me and I’ll be happy to respond!


Another one of the Foundation Principles from IPEC, my coaching program is “Absolute Passion is the highest form of consciousness.” “It means being a participant and observer, absolutely passionate about coaching and life, while being completely non-judgmental at the same time.”


This reminds me of the “Process Painting” class that I took at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY at the beginning of this month, June. It’s not about painting a specific outcome or image or abstract, it is about painting what’s inside us and not judging it, easier said than done! I can’t paint like an artist; however, I am an artist for myself and love to paint with the beautiful colors. We used Tempera paint and they were beautiful colors! I painted nine pictures in 5 days, that expressed all different feelings inside me! At first, I did judge me and the paintings but I was going through a situation at the time and was able to work out most of it through the painting and it was amazing to me that I was able to do this! We painted five hours each day of course, with a two-hour break for lunch! After a few hours of painting, one does need a break! J


The teacher has a book called, LIFE, PAINT AND PASSION by Michelle Cassou and Stewart Cubley. Stewart was the teacher at Omega.  I am almost finished reading the book and will quote a few of the passages that meant something to me and if I am brave enough, I’ll copy one of my pictures.


·      “Without technique you are at an advantage. You won’t have to unlearn patterns and stereotypes, you will have to resense and re-create everything. Every image and shape will come out fresh, real, alive. Your technique will evolve by itself as contact with the feeling develops. This is what even the most experienced artist strives to do.” “You don’t need to paint an exact replica of a body, you just follow your feelings.” This reminds me of some of Picasso’s paintings!

·      “To discover that you can paint without special talent is a great revelation. An endless stream runs through you, enough to paint for lifetimes. Talent is universal. You can dip into that source to your heart’s content. Everyone is good at what comes to them spontaneously. If nothing is put in your way, talent will meet you there.”

·      “If you are waiting for the right image, think about this. What would you paint if you were not trying to impress anybody with your result?”

·      “At a certain point you must make a choice in painting between the process and the product. You cannot embrace product and process at the same time. If you paint freely, you will most likely end up loving what you do because of your intimacy with it, but in the meantime, it is necessary that you let go and surrender. You do not need an incentive. The process is enough.”  

·      “To meet your passion, you must jump naked into the deep waters of the unknown. It is an act of love and trust. You paint what is given to you, as it comes, never avoiding, postponing or bargaining. You listen carefully inside, entering the mystery, moving toward the real, learning to be where you are.”


·      “Let your arm go, follow your desire, let the brush play. This is not a painting, it is just an exercise to relax. Don't take it so seriously.” Scribbling can be appropriate for reconnecting with ourselves when we are caught in a mental pattern concerning beauty or meaning what we should do next.” Young children scribble before they paint. It is the most primitive and pure gesture, unconcerned with result and meaning. It is tapping into the source again, remembering the freedom of the beginning.”



OK, I tried to give you a sense of what I experienced. The web site is called If you are interested. They have an online painting experience so you can do it at home and I plan to do that soon. They also have a facilitation class to learn how to coach people in painting and bring out what is inside people. I am going to start that program in July after I finish my online class on how to create a coaching group.


Alright, now it’s time to choose one of my paintings to post here! Yikes!!




In summary, I had so much fun and painting is my passion now and it does relax me and I am learning not to be judgmental of my work and that will take some time!


After I learn how to coach the painting experience, I am going to incorporate it into my coaching, probably sometime next year.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at and I’ll be happy to respond!


Bye for now!




This is another foundation principle from the IPEC Coaching program. I really like the meaning.


“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump

 It is far more enjoyable to feel the excitement of not knowing what “might” happen. Be free from need. Without expectations, there cannot be disappointments. Ironically, once you give up the need for control, you gain ultimate control.




REPLACE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN WITH CURIOSITY! This is my philosophy now. I am going into my life’s adventures whether it be meeting a new man, taking my creative painting class at Omega Institute the first week in June, my women’s group, my friends, my cats, my apartment, my health, my coaching business, the next Presidential election or anything else in this current world with curiosity and not fear. Fear holds me back and does not meet my values of being the best person possible and speaking my authentic truth from my heart!


Any reactions or questions?


I have a question for you. Are my newsletters too long? Any topics you would like me to write on next month?


I will be away June 2-7 at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY taking a creative painting class. Perhaps next newsletter I will post one of my creations.




Each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be!



“EACH OF US IS GREATER AND WISER THAN WE APPEAR TO BE.”  Look past your reflection in the mirror and see the truth, I am always, and in all ways, greater than I think I am. Bruce D. Schneider (Founder of the IPEC Coaching Program)


This brought up a memory for me from the 1990’s at a former employment of mine. I had a boss that was very authoritarian and she once said to me, “You know more than you think you know!”  Yes, I do and I do belief that very much now! Yes, I realize that the word “authoritarian” is a judgment however, I just wanted to point that out, even so she could say something nice about me! J


I have been struggling with eating healthier my entire life as my Mom was a gourmet delicious cook and baker! I love to eat! This past week I came down with the flu despite receiving a flu shot in the Fall. I lost 3 pounds in a week! This is not a great way to lose weight however, I want to keep it off! I have many fulfilling activities and people in my life right now so I don’t need to fill myself up with food! I have my women’s group (7 women now), several new good friends and working realistically on finding a mutually satisfying romantic relationship. I have also enrolled in a painting class called “Awakening the Creative” at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY the first week in June.  I look forward to this class very much and will have loads of fun, one of my new priorities in life!


The summer is coming up and I will look better in my clothes. I even bought some new ones for the new season and it feels good that they fit well! I feel determined that I will keep the weight off as when I obtain my energy back, I will continue exercising and dancing!


I love to cook and have a few healthy cookbooks to make new and enticing meals for myself. I look at myself in the mirror now, even after being sick and feeling weak, I want to stay looking a gorgeous, attractive woman!   If I can’t say this, no one else will!  To encourage myself, I will look in the mirror every morning and say to myself, “Yes, Lisa, you can do this as I am capable and greater than I think I am and know more than I think I know” in the same vein and a similar note as my former boss lady!




I apologize for not writing in a few weeks however, I had a bad case of the stomach flu, despite having a flu shot in the Fall. Now, I’m back to normal and accomplishing a lot today since it’s raining and chilly in NYC today! Health and Self-Care are number one for me! I took my time and cancelled my appointments for rest! It’s all OK now!

I’m going to write on “Happiness” as I am very happy I am well again!

“The world is full of a lot of fear, a lot of negativity, and a lot of judgement. I just think people need to start shifting into joy and happiness. As corny as it sounds, we need to make a shift.”

Ellen DeGeneres

What is “happiness” to you? For me, it is being creative, making my art, dancing, making new friends, travel and playing with my adorable cats! I am accepting more and more my creativity and embracing it!

I am currently offering a complimentary 30-minute session on “your happiness” so please contact me by email if you are interested so we can schedule a convenient time for both of us. Preferable before June 1 as I am going to Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY to take a creative painting class for five days! I can’t wait!

The below text is from the book “Honey in your Heart” by Mary Anne Radmacher. I was re-organizing and doing some spring cleaning in my apartment and I found the book again!


Ways to See

  •     Make sure that all self-care and positive choices are first on your priority list.

  •     Willingly set down the pain of your history and travel forward, not defining yourself with it or limiting yourself by it.

  •     Observe the words that fill your days and choose compliment over complaint. Be willing to discuss what went right.

  •     Daily visit the truth, that, while you may not play all the instruments, you do conduct your own orchestra. Own your life. Live as a victor, not a victim.

  •     Be prepared to celebrate at all times. Live in and create an environment around you that is ready and open to guests, guests of all sorts.

  •     Be flexible. Invite possibilities to your party. This means let go of the absolute specifics of how you think it should be and embrace the unexpected, the messy, the surprising, the startling and the extraordinary as welcome guests at your festivity, which is your life!

“Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.”

If you want to be happy, put your effort into controlling the sail,  not the wind.” Life is a journey, a becoming, a growing, a process. If fact, one might say that the most enlightened goal could be to enjoy the process of life.

This Foundational principle of IPEC (Institute of the Professional Excellence of Coaching) makes much more sense to me right now as I write this article and have started my coaching business. I have created the activities and media that I need to work on that gives me pleasure and fulfillment and I am learning something new as well!

One day as I was looking through my Facebook Feed I found an instructor who teaches an Instagram course and I know that currently this social media is becoming quite popular!  It is a six-week course and today, Sunday, March 17, I just started week Five (5)! I am obsessed with this as it is creative and definitely is controlling my sails!    If you are interested in finding out the name and details of the woman who teaches the course, please feel free to email me at  Last week she had a contest of doing a before video on Instagram, and she put the names in a hat and pulled three names. Mine was one of them and I am going to receive a package from her in the mail. She lives in England so it will take a few weeks! It will be a surprise and I love surprises! I’ll let you know about my gift when I receive it!

I am having fun and becoming expert at something new at my age! I learned a few new programs as well, Canva, to create quotes with backgrounds,  ColorStory, to edit photos, Planoly to plan my posts, Enlight Videoleap Editor to edit my videos,  and now Big Vu Teleprompter to help me with my videos and to put some music into my videos. Wow, that's a lot of new programs!  The music one comes later when I can practice how to do a video. My next step is to buy a ring light to give myself some good lighting. The rest of this week, I will practice my videos and by the end of the week, I will have one posted into my feed. I can only do 60 seconds so I better make it worthwhile!

You can reach me on Instagram at either @lisabotwinick or life_coach_women_over_50. So far I have six new posts. I will post two more tomorrow and then one a day as I have several more in Planoly!

Yes, doing coaching and being creative about it is who I am as a woman and this is my Soul Essence!